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and his two fellow decided to work together to send him

odd jobs, and villagers weekdays or drink, often drunk unconscious.In mid-August, Zhang and nike free 3.0 v5 womens
fellow Doujiu due cause stroke, hemiplegia. As in Harbin, Zhang no relatives, and his two fellow decided to work together to send him back home to recuperate eastern Taiwan. Unexpectedly, just set foot on the way home, it was the police seized. In view of the special circumstances of Zhang, Xu Baofeng on the train all the way to take care of until the train reached the destination. At present, the suspects have been handed over to the East Taiwan police.In broad daylight, in the Pearl River New City Starry Winking building entrance, two year old little girl even in less than a minute was snatched from the arms of nannies, do CBD terrorist incidents occurred Express reporter yesterday interviewed the victim in this bizarre incident Ms. Lee, she said, grab the child is her husband, one day, the child was brought to Mongolia.MorningMother to buy drinks, children missingOn the 10th at 10 am, ready to have fun with her daughter Ms. Li Ran Ran,

He and Paul Muma aunt, daughter, Ran Ran walking down the stairs together. Downstairs, she went to a nearby coffee shop to buy drinks, suddenly found his nanny ran toward panic. Are wondering, Ma aunt had hastily told Ms. Lee: Ran Ran was a lanky man was taken away, the whole process only tens of seconds!Ms. Lee was scared, constantly kowtow to the surrounding crowd, people who want to nike free 3.0 v4 cheap
learn to grab the information, but found nothing. In desperation, Ms. Lee had to the police.AfternoonTo notify the police, has been linked grandpaDay 17:00, the case took a dramatic turn, the police told Ms. Lee, has been contacted with the children grandfather, father Liu Ran-ran in the side.To 6 pm, calm down and think of her husband Mr. Liu, Ms. Lee often in the online booking air tickets, so she presented Mr. Liu’s membership number and identity information, the website that children

were booked Grandma and Liu Shenzhen to Beijing, Beijing to Hohhot flights. »Children robbed me immediately after the alarm, Guangzhou police have dispatched the airport, did not think they got the GS, from Shenzhen to fly to Beijing. » Ms. Lee figured, from Guangzhou to her husband home – Inner Mongolia Bayan nur need at least 14 hours, and my heart is more worried about her nike air max 90 womens canada
daughter. « Niu also wearing thin clothes, shoes in the scramble also lost a sleep at night she only recognize a fixed pillow covers, niu really do not know how to do. »So, Ms. Lee continued to her husband and his parents call, send text messages, have been fruitless. Ms. Lee could not sleep that night, wandering around in the area, his voice hoarse cry.On the 11th morning, she gave Bayannur City Public Security Bureau to call, she was told to look for Civil Affairs, Women’s coordination processing until the reporter writing, has not yet been any response. « Did not see the photographs of the children, the child did not hear the sound, I really can not be assured. »

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