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engage in real estate development to earn money

returned to normal.In order to avoid drunk driving check reluctant to open the door, hiding in nike free 3.0 v5 canada
the car Kuanghe five bottles of mineral water. After 20 minutes, the man really wait any longer and had to open the door to « convenience. » September 10 evening, this scene occurs in Huaibei streets. September 10 evening, the Second Battalion of Huaibei City traffic police in Bangladesh to carry out investigation of drunk driving unified mountain activities. 20:10 or so, a black Chery cars approaching from south to north, suddenly stopped on the roadside. Found that exceptional circumstances indicate traffic police approached the driver checked off. However, the man refused to open the car door, police use a flashlight to the car and found a man who is binge drinking mineral water.About 20 minutes later, the man suddenly opened the door himself, police have not had time for questioning, he said: « The police comrades, let me look easy, really wait any longer, and I work with you. » Smell police men who have thick alcohol, its alcohol breath

testing Showing results 61mg/100ml, belonging to drunk driving.Man, nike free 3.0 v4 womens
surnamed Li, 40 years old, attend a friend’s wedding, drank two bottles of beer. Lee saw the traffic police check, I think of heard that water can dilute alcohol concentrations, so binge drinking mineral water « gain time to dilute the alcohol. » 5 bottles of water into the stomach, really wait any longer. Lee made according to the traffic police temporarily driving license for 6 months, recorded 12 points, penalty of $ 1,500 in administrative penalties.Changchun Municipal Health Bureau deputy secretary of the Discipline Committee Du Jinhua been reported family home network total area of ??nearly 9,000 square meters, only individual residential area reached 1,100 square meters. Du Jinhua informants also cited the case of other alleged irregularities.Report due Du Jinhua

husband Liang Dong Sen involved a commercial crimes, Liang Dong Sen Li Xue partner accused embezzlement, Changchun City Lvyuan Court of First Instance was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment. Brother Li Xue Yong believes that this is about Du Jinhua use their power trial of cases, and thus angrily Internet Report.Du Jinhua to Die Zeit reporter admitted that she does have a large area of ?? nike free 5.0 mens canada
residence, but it is by the husband in business, engage in real estate development to earn money to buy; And all of their property, income are legitimate. Online reports are dissatisfied with the judgment Li Xue family members vent their anger on her, she would take legal action detractors.Changchun City Commission for Discipline Inspection staff told Die Zeit reporter, Commission for Discipline Inspection has conducted a survey of Du Jinhua things, but also formed a report, but because it

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