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just want niu (daughter) back to me as soon as possible

him visit the child, in fact I have been friends please let the children grandfather, my father nike huarache free run
came to see Ran Ran, but I moved out two months they never once came to see. The real reason I divided the property may be afraid, afraid of life throw off our daughter. Express: Your biggest wish now what Ms. Lee: I do not want anything, just want niu (daughter) back to me as soon as possible. I am willing to divorce, it will not mention any of the conditions, I only care about children, we hope that both sides can calmly handle. I hope they do not hurt the child.Yesterday 17:40 Xu, ITC Jingheng Street intersection, a man climbed up the street poles, banners play called « Qin Hailu asked to see the idol. » An hour later, the man was the police and firefighters successfully rescued.Police said the man has been detained by the security, incident is still under investigation.Shackle hooks to

climb polesWitnesses said the man was wearing a climbing pole black-rimmed glasses, wearing a black cap, a pair of black shirt and blue jeans.Prior to the incident, the man in the street would have come up banner display, stop being chased after them from the backpack out one pair of hooks to begin Jingheng street along the north side of a telephone pole climbing.A witness captured video shows the nike free run 3 womens
man with a pair of hooks set foot along the telegraph pole climb. Climb to about four meters above the ground where, the man behind the stuffed banner will commence emblazoned with « Qin Hailu asked to see the idol » and other words.?Demonstrated in a while out banners, the man suddenly fall hook feet, banners also fell to the ground. Subsequently, the man went to climb a few steps away from the ground about seven meters away stopped and shouted,

« To see Qin Hailu, otherwise not come down. »Firefighters rescued the man policeVideo display, police and firefighters before and after two rescue. The first time, a desire to close the ladder by firefighters, the man said, « If you come I’ll jump », rescue workers had to return to the ground.18:40 Xu, firefighters rescue cushions covered one side of the sidewalk by a police wearing helmets and firefighters together, once again boarded the ladder to rescue them. After the police near the man, rather than exchanged a few words, while men are not prepared, hugged nike free run 2 womens sale
his waist, it dragged on ladders.An informed source said the man 25 years old, previously working in Suzhou, save more than ten thousand dollars came to Beijing, recently completed a 100,000 characters of the script, hoping in this way to see Qin Hailu, let Qin shoot his screenplay.Incident caused Jingheng Street and East Third Ring Road intersection transient traffic congestion, Jingheng Street from east to west direction the vehicle is closed to traffic until 19 am, the road traffic

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