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Ms. Lee said that from talking about her marriage with

VictimHusband to get people just to divorce disputesBring this one bizarre « to get people case » nike air max 1 canada
Ms. Lee said that from talking about her marriage with Mr. Liu. Two in the 2010 understanding, feelings quickly heat up, then flash marriage. But the good, in January 2012, Ms. Lee suffered domestic violence, Mr. Liu in the case of fully awake hit her a slap. Since domestic violence more frequently, « the same as an official holiday, the basic monthly. » Ms. Lee told reporters with a wry smile.Her friend Yaya said: « Seeing the eleven (Ms. Lee’s nickname) sent photographs of his injuries, legs, arms were swollen and blue. »Intolerable Ms. Lee and her husband finally filed for divorce. July 17, the two due to a dispute over a house, « the house two years ago, is 5.5 million yuan to buy time, and I hope to buy it original, child dad made me a no-brainer. » Ms. Lee said, helplessness Next, she had to rent in the Pearl River New City, and daughter live.Yesterday, Ms. Lee received a phone Yuexiu District People’s Court, told Liu ready

to sue for divorce; lawyers afternoon brought news that Liu Xiang Li claims 5.34 million yuan. Ms. Lee mother said: « He said that claims more than two years to get back home, I find it funny, home, spending basically we paid the bill spending has proved. »Ms. Lee said the husband’s name with fitness beauty clubs and other enterprises, in Beijing mansion, the house has more than 10 sets, net nike air max 2012 canada
worth billions of dollars.Reporters then provided according to Ms. Li Liu phone number, trying to contact them, but no one answered calls twice.Police BulletinChildren robbed in his father’s sideTianhe police have informed the media: the 10th at 10 am, the victim Lee (31 years old, Guangzhou people) with a two year old daughter and a nanny named Ma Hua Cheng Road, a residential area downstairs Square. Lee pushing a stroller to a nearby cafe, nanny named Ma with children playing in the square.

In the meantime, a man named Ma suddenly rushed in front of the kids taken away, quickly ran across the road, then drove north along the direction of Haizhu leave. Lee received the alarm, Tianhe police immediately sent police to the scene to dispose of.?After preliminary understanding, the victim Lee more intense relationship with her husband, they have differences on child custody issues. Girl’s grandfather nike air max 2013 canada
said the child is now his father’s side.Currently, the Milky Way police are further investigating the incident.Dialogue »Nothing, just want the child to return to us. »Express reporter (hereinafter referred to as « Express ») interviewed yesterday, Ms. Lee, she said, her husband grab the child is afraid of her in divorce proceedings a greater share of the property.Express: Why do you think her husband taken away the child Ms. Lee: He said I would not let

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